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Puss in Boots


Steve pro vás na vánoční prázdniny namluvil půvabnou pohádku Puss in Boots (Kocour v botách)

Text pohádky

Once upon a time... there was an old man who died. He gave his house to his eldest son, he gave his horse to his second eldest son and... he gave a cat to his youngest son.

"Now that's crazy!" you might say; but that's how the old man was!

So the eldest son lived in the house, the second son took the horse and said goodbye before leaving to look for an adventure, but the youngest son sat down on a stone and sighed, "A cat! What can I do with a cat?"

But the cat was listening and said, "Don't worry, Master. I am better than an old house, or a silly horse! Give me a jacket, a hat with a feather in it, a bag and a pair of boots, and you will see what I can do."

The young man gave the cat a jacket, a hat with a feather in it, a bag and a pair of boots. The cat was confident and happy, dressed in his new clothes. The cat soon said goodbye to the boy. "Don't be sad, Master. See you soon!" he said as he walked away.

The cat went to visit the King in his big castle on the hill, but while walking to the castle the cat saw a big fat rabbit. Now the cat could run very fast and had soon caught the rabbit and put it in his bag.

When the cat arrived at the castle he knocked on the big old door and asked the see the king. In front of the king, the queen and the beautiful princess the cat said: "Sir, the famous Marquis of Carabas wants to give you this lovely fat rabbit as a present."

"Oh," said the King, "thank you very much."

"I will return tomorrow," replied the cat as he went out the door.

And the next day, the cat came back to the castle with 4 wild birds, called pheasants, in his bag. "Another present from the brave Marquis of Carabas," he told the king in front of everyone.

The Queen who really liked pheasant said out loud, "This Marquis of Carabas is indeed a very nice man."

In the days that followed, Puss in Boots regularly visited the castle, carrying rabbits, hares, partridges and skylarks, all presenting them all to the King in the name of the Marquis of Carabas.

Everyone at the palace began to talk about this nice stranger, "the Marquise of Carabas".

"He must be a great hunter," someone shouted out.

"He must be very loyal to the King," said someone else.

And yet another, "But who is he? I've never heard of him."

At this, someone who wanted to show people how much he knew, replied, "Oh, yes, I know his name. In fact, I knew his father."

The Queen was very interested in this generous man who sent so many nice presents.

"Is your master young and handsome?" the queen asked Puss in Boots.

"Oh yes. And very rich with lots of money" answered Puss in Boots. "In fact, he would be very happy if you and the King came to visit him in his castle."

When the cat returned home to the old house, he found his young master and told him that the King and Queen were going to visit him. The young man was shocked and horrified.

"What" he cried, "the King and Queen are coming to visit me? When they see me they will know I am poor and that I live in my brother's old house and that I have no money"

"Don't worry. It's not a problem, leave everything to me" replied Puss in Boots. "I have a plan."

For several days, the clever cat kept on taking presents to the King and Queen. One day he discovered that they were taking the beautiful Princess on a horse and carriage ride that very afternoon. The cat hurried home in great excitement.

"Master, come with me," he cried. "my plan is working, my plan is working! You must go for a swim in the river."

"But I can't swim," replied the young man. "

That's all right," replied Puss in Boots. "Just trust me."

So, they went to the river and when the King's carriage appeared the cat pushed his master into the water.

"Help!" cried the cat. "The Marquis of Carabas is drowning."

The King heard Puss in Boot’s cries and sent his men to the rescue. They arrived just in time to save the poor man, who really was drowning.

The King, the Queen and the Princess were worried about the young man, who they knew as the Marquise of Carabas. They dressed him in princely clothes so that now he really did look like a Marquise!

"Would you like to marry such a handsome man?" the Queen asked her daughter.

"Oh, yes," replied the Princess.

However, the cat overheard one of the ministers remark that they must find out how rich he was.

"He is very rich indeed," said Puss in Boots. "He owns that castle over there and all this land. Come and see for yourself. I will meet you at the castle."

And with these words, Puss in Boots rushed off in the direction of the castle, He was shouting at the peasants working in the fields,

"If anyone asks you ‘who is your master?’ you must answer: the Marquis of Carabas. Otherwise you will be sorry."

And so, when the King's carriage traveled past, the peasants told the King that their master was the Marquis of Carabas.

In the meantime, Puss in Boots had arrived at the castle, the home of a big, ugly, cruel ogre.

Before knocking at the gate, the cat said to himself, "I must be very careful, or I'll never get out of here alive."

When the door opened, Puss in Boots removed his feather hat, and bowed a very deep bow "My Lord Ogre, my respects!"

"What do you want, cat?" asked the ogre rudely.

"Sir, I've heard you possess great power, and that you can change into a lion"

"I can!" said the ogre who changed into a lion, in front of the cats eyes.

"That's amazing" said the cat "but can you change into something really big? Like an elephant?"

"Of course I can" said the ogre, who changed into an elephant to impress the cat.

"Well," said the cat, "that’s very good but can you turn into a tiny little animal, like a mouse? I bet you can't.

"Oh yes I can! Just watch this!" retorted the ogre, as he changed into a little white mouse. In a flash, the cat jumped on the mouse and ate it in one. Then he ran to the castle gate, just in time to welcome the King's horses and carriage just as it arrived at the castle.

With a bow, Puss in Boots said, "Sir, welcome to the castle of the Marquis of Carabas!"

The King and Queen, and the Princess and the old man's son who, dressed in his princely clothes, really did look like a marquis, got out of the carriage and the King spoke: "My dear Marquis, you're a nice, handsome, young man, you have a lot of land and a lovely castle. Tell me, are you married?"

"No," the young man answered, "but I would like to find a wife."

He looked at the Princess as he spoke. She in turn smiled at him. To cut a long story short the old man's son, now Marquis of Carabas, married the Princess and lived happily with her in the castle. And from time to time, the cat would wink and whisper…

"You see Master, I am much better that an old house or a silly horse, aren't I!"